A Guide To Download Fortnite

Fortnite is an online multiplayer strategy survival game that requires gamers to craft and construct element. The gameplay made gamers fight against monsters by teaming up with other online friends. Gamers have to collect resources in the game that help them set up their personal base, which they had to defend against ruthless attacks at the time of night. Another version of the game is Fortnite Battle Royal.

download fortnite
source: express.co.uk

Process to download
• Epic game account – Unlike many other online games that launches itself on the launchers provided by servers of Steam, and Origin, this particular game makes use of the launchers provided by Epic Games. Therefore, one needs to create an account on Epic Games in order to download fortnite. The creation of an account is completely free. All one needs to have is an email address through which they can sign up on Epic Games. Using the same account gamers can enjoy other games on Epic Games as well.
• Download Game – After creating the account, one can proceed to download of the game. Before downloading gamers need to select a particular operating system on which they will play the game. Once the game downloads, you can log in, and launch the game from the launcher and then install it on the device. The installation requires a space of 10GB on the hard drive. After installation, you can simply click on launch and enjoy the game.
• Configuring – After the game launches it is better to adjust settings of mouse and keyboard for a smooth gaming experience. Make sure to adjust other settings such as graphics, sound, and chat options for a better gaming experience.

The game provides amazing graphics and a very interesting gameplay. Up to a hundred players can join in a single game, which makes it much more challenging to play. The game is now available for mobile platforms as well.