Digital Forensics With Mobile Phone Expert Witness

Mobile computing or nomadic computing is the technology which uses computer devices such as personal computers, laptops, tablet, and smartphones. The mobile phone expert witness is someone who has the experience in the field of telecommunication and cellular mobile networks, mobile phone architecture along with voice coding and encoding. These are the computer engineers and scientist, who have extensive practice and experience in services including wireless services; cloud computing, computer and network security, wireless systems and networks and information security. The field of digital forensics is advancing as it is the legal and professional way to find out any faults in the digital systems or breach in the security systems through malicious intent or unethical means. The mobile phone expert witness works in the designing and manufacturing of various applications, remote desktops, Bluetooth technology, moving maps computer architecture, virtualization, virtual machines, and baseband processing. The testing and consultation regarding digital pieces of evidence are collected, processed and analyzed by such experts. The telecommunication facilities and types of equipment are used so that relevant information is deduced without any damage done to the devices and the data.

Mobile Phone Expert Witness

The consulting experience of expert witnesses includes the following:

• They consult to attorneys technically on various software disputes
• They perform non-infringement analysis
• Deals with prior art discovery and analysis
• Claim charts are developed by the expert witnesses
• Licensed contracts are assessed by the source code is analyzed.
The mobile phone experts have served purposes in the same digital field but as computing company founders, they have been owners of management consulting firms where they assisted in the technology companies with growth, product developers in mobile computing and various executive positions for software and medical device companies as well.
The progressing technology litigation and digital investigation require knowledgeable computer experts and engineers who can efficiently serve as expert witnesses.