Genius Life Hacks

You don’t have to be a genius to have a well organized life but you should certainly know some quirky life hacks to become a genius! Don’t get put off by those small pesky problems around and ruin your day, read these and you might get solutions to a lot of your petty problems-

  1. Having surprise friends over at home? Cover that bottle of beverage or beer with a wet kitchen towel and put it in the freezer for fifteen minutes to get ice cold bottle.
  2. Use a clothes peg to hold a nail in place while hammering it and you never have to hammer your thumb again.
  3. Next time you decide to make a toasted sandwich, remember to put two slices together in a single slot. This will make the breads warm and crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, a perfect combination indeed!
  4. Put your money in the sanitary napkin packet before you put that in your purse and no one will ever guess it.
  5. Pour your Pancake mix in a squeezy ketchup bottle and make no-mess pancakes one after the other.
  6. Use frozen grapes to chill your white wine without making it watery.
  7. Cut the toilet paper rolls and use them as cuffs to hold wrapping paper and other sheets in place. And keep them from unrolling.
  8. Use a plastic straw to remove the stem from strawberries without crushing them. Push the straw from the bottom of strawberry right under the stem and push it out gently.
  9. Stick in a key ring in the zipper of your pant and slide it over the button to never let that fly go down again.

These quirky life hacks are sure to make your day.