Karate for families

Karate Self Defense Classes Melbourne will help you to be more prepared to deal with potentially dangerous situations. The lessons focus on strategies and techniques that can be used in combative situations to keep students safe. The magnificence of the art is accessible to all and taught in a friendly, safe environment to help students recognize their mastery of karate. There are many things to know before a person decides to take up Deer Park Martial Arts. This information will help individuals succeed, improve their mentality, and aid them in their pursuit of the activity. There are not always enough options to address every situation. We have a collection of discount strategies that you can use whenever you need them: family martial art and self-defence school for mothers, fathers and children in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs. 

All levels of training are available for Lil Tigers, Juniors and Adults. They can boost confidence, teach discipline, and show respect in all classes. Check out our special offers for new members! Sparring is not all we do. We also offer Taekwondo Poomsae competition and coaching referees. We can understand and prepare everyone, even the children and their families who train at our Karate Club. Arash has vast experience competing in international Taekwondo events, including the Oceania French Polynesia Open, Malaysian Open and Greece Open.

Students can expect to work hard but be safe in our non-contact style. Seniors can choose sparring or semi- and non-contact fighting. Families often prepare together to share a common interest and improve their fitness. Karate teaches children from a young age to be aware of their surroundings, be kind and respectful, and ultimately become responsible and empowered leaders. The traditional training includes traditional karate, combat skills, and traditional training. Karate is a Martial Art. We have designed a non-contact curriculum for children that is age-appropriate and allows them to track their progress.