Learn about the piyo workouts

Piyo workout is a combination workout of both yoga and Pilates and it also has elements of both martial arts and dance. It is also known as the beach body workout, which is quite challenging. The whole workout is a sequence workout; it is good to move and is also amazing for stretching. Before starting the piyo workout you should read the piyo workout review online as these reviews are of great help.

The workout breakdown

Well if you will read any of the piyo workout review then you will get to know the proper breakdown of piyo workouts. The breakdown is as follows:
• The upper body- This part of the whole routine is for 20 minutes and it mainly emphasizes on the upper body and on building the core strength. It basically is a combination of push-ups, planks and roll ups. It is not very challenging but it is quite helpful.
• The lower body- This is a workout which includes triceps, lunges both high and low and also involves warrior as well as balance series. This part also lasts for 20 minutes.
• The sweat- The best part about the workout is the sweat part, the first part includes heat which increases the heat rate. After this one starts sweating quickly and then is the next part which is basically lunges and the other balanced exercises. The last part of this workout is the burpees which is great and is varied with squats it is out of the world. The sweat workout lasts for 35 minutes.
• Drench- This lasts for 48 minutes and is like a full class, there is heat then the legs part, after which ones moves to the plank and the core and the power part. You will be drenched in sweat after this.

There are also the buns and the strength interval and overall these workouts are great and fun to do.