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Remote desktop protocol or RDP is said to have revolutionized file transfer and data sharing. Computers from the opposite sides of the globe remain connected with one another over a server and share information nowadays. Advancement is taking place at a very fast pace. The residents of this planet ought to have the ability to adapt to the changing situations.

In the age or era of mobile phones and emails, one cannot depend on trunk calls to convey a message. Hence, one needs to know how to adapt to the situation in order to survive. Many companies use RDP in today’s world and an RDP shop is found to be in great demand.

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Different versions of RDP:

Since the time of its formation, different versions of RDP are found with new features. Some of the important features are as follows:

  • Versions 4- Remote desktop protocol version was the first version of RDP that was developed. This version, though one of the simplest versions was a major breakthrough in terms of technology.
  • Version 5- This version was an improved form of version 4. It had improved bandwidth usage and new printing features were introduced.
  • Version 5.1- The 24-bit colour and sound support feature were introduced through this version. The name from Terminal client services to Remote Desktop connection was changed with this version.
  • Version 5.2- Local mapping services and session directory features were added with this version of the protocol.

Apart from the versions mentioned above, version 6, 7, 8 and 10 are also available. Version 10 is one of the latest and up to date versions with some of the most recent technological features. Nowadays one can find an rdp shop online quite easily with great deals and sale offers.