The Varied Types of Ear Gauges

The process of Ear Gauges is basically done slowly stretching the earlobes and the plugs are doubled so as to keep it in place. There also some models which are threaded so that it can be screwed and unscrewed easily. There are also other models available with single flared and O-ring which make it easier to take on and off. The earplugs and gauges are becoming quite popular these days in the world of body jewellery as it offers the awesome and bold look and style which is hard to surpass. Moreover, the size of the gauge also varies from 1” to 0000” or even larger. But people are usually comfortable with the average size and so it may range from 16G to 00G.

The Different Types of Ear Gauges!

The Ear Gauges are available in a variety of materials which range from meta body-friendly and body friendly materials. Some of the popular materials include:
316L surgical steel which is the surgical steel used for surgery and it is body safe metal for human use. The gauges that are made out of steel usually come with threaded closure so as to make the process of on and off a breeze for you. But you need to know that this material is not hypo allergic
Silicone is the other material the body the safe-design the ear gauges and it is bodythe safe too. It is very soft material which gives you ears a break from other harsh materials. This is the comfortable material for those who prefer sleeping with the Ear Gauges on.
There are also organic wood and acrylic materials available which is not safe for people who are allergic to this substance and it is necessary that you make your selection accordingly. There are also other organic materials that you may choose while buying gauges.