What Makes Professional Makeup Brushes So Special

You might have visited the cosmetic counter and noticed that the store is selling the entire range of makeup brushes. When you buy a bronzer, eye-shadow or new blush, you will be asked by the retailer that do you have the right brush to apply them. Well as a consumer you may be overwhelming. So, it is important for you to know what makes the Professional Makeup Brushes special and do you really need one for your personal use. The professional grade makeup brushes come with several key elements which makes them separate from other makeup brushes which are sold at normal retail stores. The most noticeable thing is the superior grade materials which are used in the brushes.

The Bristle

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source: lab2beauty.com

The Professional Makeup Brushes come with natural fibre bristle and that have different grades of quality. Since it is the natural fibre, they are super soft than the lower grade bristles that are used for the normal makeup uses. Because of its high-grade fibre bristle, it tends to last longer and maintain its shape for years to come. These natural fibre bristles help the professional makeup artists do their job smoothly.
The ferrule is the piece of material which connect the brush handle to bristle. Most of the Professional Makeup Brushes come with nickel or aluminium ferrule. The nickel ferrule is considered to be the higher quality material to be used and the good alternative to aluminium. A ferrule is the most important component of the makeup brush and it needs to be superior grade.

Most of the cosmetic brush sold out today comes with the wooden handle, while some of the models have the composite or plastic handle. But, the Professional Makeup Brushes usually come with the wooden handle which tends to last longer and provide the users a perfect grip while applying the makeup.